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Dine at our cafe or contact us to place an order for carryout. Below is our most current list of menu items. Contact us with any questions about our cafe's menu items or gourmet coffee in Kingsport.

Daily Specials

Dine in, Take out, or Delivery (Delivery Charge $4 minimum or 10%)


Soup and Salad 6.99
Potato, Tomato Basil, or Chili paired with your choice of Salad.
(Club Salad and Very Berry excluded)


Chicken Caesar Salad 6.99
Our crispy Caesar Salad greens topped with croutons, Parmesan cheese, and warm grilled chicken.
Caesar dressing on the side.


Mustard Seed Wrap and Salad 6.89
Your choice of Chicken, Turkey, or Ham, with your choice of dressing. Lettuce and tomato on request.
Comes with Spring Mix, Kitchen Sink, Summer Fresh, or Caesar Salad.


Salad and a Scoop 7.89
Your choice of side salad with a scoop of chicken salad, tuna salad, potato salad, or pimento cheese.


Desserts 15% off.


Flavored Teas 15% off.


10% off with Church Bulletin.
Bulletin must be shown.

Disclaimer: Only one discount allowed per person per visit. Any discount card must be presented at time of ordering.

Rolls and Fruit Punch
Little Girl with Cake and Drink


Market Street Caesar
Hearts of Romaine with fresh Parmesan Cheese topped with Homemade Croutons
and tossed with Creamy Caesar Dressing $6.99
Add Grilled Chicken $2.99

Kitchen Sink
A blend of Kale, Carrots, Grape Tomatoes, Edamame, Sunflower Seeds, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cran-raisins, Crushed Cashews tossed in a Pomegranate Dressing $9.29

Arcadian Spring
Leafy Spring Greens with Cran-raisins, Carrot slices, Almond slivers, light cheese, seasonal fruit with
your choice of dressing $6.99
Add a scoop of Chicken salad, Tuna salad or Grilled Chicken $3.1

Club Salad
Spring lettuce topped with smoked ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar and grape tomatoes finished with
homemade croutons and your choice of dressing $9.49 (Not available as a side)

Very Berry Spinach Salad
Fresh Berries, Glazed Pecans and Goat Cheese over fresh Spinach Greens served with Citrus Berry
Vinaigrette $9.59 (Not available as a side)

Grilled Chicken, Cran-raisins, Candied Pecans, Goat Cheese, Granny Smith apple slices, on fresh greens with choice of dressing. $12.50

Grilled Chicken with a wonderful mix of Spinach and Fusilli pasta, celery, diced black olives and pimentos, dusted with parmesan cheese and a dash of Italian dressing for a very lite salad. $9.59

Quiche Me

World Famous!
Comes with a choice of Salad: Spring Mix, Caesar, Kitchen Sink, Italian Pasta Salad, Fruit Cup,

Potato Salad, or Regular Soup $9.49

Cranberry Chicken


Chicken Fajita

Tomato Bacon Spinach

Tomato Pie


Choice of Caesar, Kitchen Sink, Arcadian Spring, Chicken Salad,
Tuna Salad, Potato Salad, Italian Pasta Salad, Fruit Cup or Pimento Cheese - $11.99

All salads except Club and Very Berry available as a side for $4.19

Dressings: Mustard Seed House, Strawberry House, Ranch, Italian, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, 1000 Island, Bleu Cheese

Sandwich Combos and More

All sandwiches are prepared with premium Boar's Head deli meats.
Combos come with choice of (one); green salad, soup, fruit, or potato salad
Bread Choices; Croissant, Ciabatta, Wheat, Hoagie, Sourdough, Marble Rye, Gluten Free Wheat

Connie's Bacon, Ham, Cheese, and Caramel Apple Sandwich

Needs no more explanation except that it is soooo delicious! We dress it with lettuce and tomato.
Served on Grilled Sourdough $10.69

"The Cuban"

Pulled Pork topped with Ham, Swiss, American with mayo, mustard and pickles then grilled to
perfection on sourdough bread.  $10.69

Julie's Club 

We stuff smoked Ham, smoked Turkey, crisp Bacon, Gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo in
between three slices of toasted Wheat bread. One of our heartier sandwiches $10.69

The Mustard Seed Reuben

Choice Corned Beef or Smoked Turkey with our house made dressing, Kraut and Swiss cheese $10.69
Want a Veggie Reuben? We use Spinach instead of meat. $7.19

Chicken or Tuna Salad

My mama's recipe using the finest chicken breast or premium Albacore Tuna on a croissant (our
favorite) or your choice of bread $9.49


Smoked Turkey, Bacon and Provolone Cheese with mayo, lettuce and tomato served on warmed
Ciabatta bread $9.19

Micah's Smash

This one is addictive. We put Smoked Turkey, Provolone, Bacon and mayo on a Hoagie roll and serve it
"Panini" style. $9.49

Jared's Smash

This one is more addictive sandwich. We put Smoked Ham, Provolone, Bacon and Honey Mustard on
a Hoagie roll and serve it "Panini" style. $9.19

Grilled Chicken Asiago

Grilled Chicken topped with Bacon, Asiago Cheese, Ranch dressing
with Lettuce and Tomato $10.69


Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo served on Wheat $8.99

The Mustard Seed Veggie Reuben

Our own design of Spinach leaves with our Special dressing, Kraut and Swiss cheese $7.19


Your Choice of Mesquite Grilled Chicken, Smoked Ham or Smoked Turkey.
Tell us how you want to dress it $9.49

Pimento Cheese

Our own blend of Creamy Cheddar Cheese, Pimento and spices served up on Sourdough $8.49

Really Cheezy Grilled Cheese

Your Choice of 5 slices of American, Gouda, Provolone, or Swiss $7.25
Add bacon $1.99


Mustard Seed Wrap-Your choice of Chicken or Turkey dressed with your choice:
Chipotle, Caesar, Ranch, Lemon Pepper Mayo, Honey Mustard dressings $9.19 Try
a Chicken Caesar Wrap

Veggie Wrap-Mixed Veggies smothered with our house dressing 6.99


Tomato Basil and Homemade Chili available everyday
Cream of Potato served Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sun
Broccoli Cheese served Tue, Thurs, & Sat

Gluten-Free Disclaimer- Please keep in mind that items prepared without gluten products are made in a facility that handles many other wheat products.